PLC2Day helps manufacturers, OEM's, engineering companies, maintenance companies and technical wholesalers in selling their obsolete products to new owners. Whether it is from returned goods, overstocking, cancelled orders or projects, change of production lines, end of life, re-organisations, etc. both new and used items are given a 2nd chance and a 2nd life. With our expertise, processes, and sales channels we are able to remarket and redistribute the items with the best possible yield for all partners. 

PLC2DAY promotes reselling, re-use and recycling and supports lifecycle asset management and supports recovery of costs. This means we are looking to find a new purpose for each and every item. Whether it is new or used, active or end of life, we make all involved parties happy and together we make the world a little bit more sustainable.


We have many years of experience and know our ways into the market and are able to value, buy and sell used and new obsolete/ surplus items. Re-usable items will find a new owner in Europe and/or outside so items can have a 2nd life. You Care, We Care! The circular economy wins on territory and therefore yield is steadily increasing. This is good for you, the buyers and the environment.


Our goals is to re-sell good quality products and reduce waste from which all involved parties benefit. In doing so we have several ways to add value for our partners in the process besides sales price for the items. We focus on maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our partner network is based in Europe and beyond.

In our Circular2Day-program the partners focus is key and with our expertise we will analyze the current and future situation and opportunities and advise and propose the options to our partners that PLC2Day can provide.   



Based on collected information and data regarding the obsolete parts a thorough analysis is made. Brands, types, specials, standards, life cycle, condition, etc. just to name a few are all considered in making a detailed report. Based on this and the wishes of the partner we are able to advise and propose a circular project or Circular2Day-program (partnership for recurrent projects).   


Once agreed upon the project all items are collected and inspected, checked and labeled. A full report is made. Based on the analysis of this outcome sales channels will be selected for the best cost recovery, yield and minimum of waste.


We go for an efficient and smooth operation for all parties. This means that due to cost savings or shortage on staff, or different priorities, etc. it might be desirable for the partner that PLC2Day will pick, grade, label and pack on site. If the partner has enough resources we can limit only to collection or collect and grade and label at our premises or a mix of the previous given examples. We are here to make it easy and worthwhile for the partners and the environment to partner with PLC2Day. 

At our services page we have classified the most common circular projects that we provide in our Circular2Day program. Please, note it is not extensive as our service grade is high and "custom made" is part of that.  


Our partners can be found in manufacturing companies, technical wholesalers, distributors and trading companies in all branches. We are happy to give you references in person and discuss what PLC2Day can do for you.


It is our pleasure! Please contact us via the contact form on the side for more information and we will get back to you or call to speak with us directly.