On a daily basis billions of spare parts are being bought for maintenance of machineries, as spare to keep in stock for ad hoc situations, for development projects, etc. However, a huge part of these articles are being returned to the supplier due to wrong order or delivery or are becoming obsolete due to the fact the projects are being cancelled, forecasts are less positive, machineries are being replaced earlier than expected or an end of life is announced which makes current items a risk to consider for design of new machineries, etc..

Either way, the items are good but are considered 2nd choice or worse scrap. We consider that a waste of resources and value. These items still have value for the aftermarket. That is why we give all these items piece by piece a thorough check and a condition label, check our condition codes. Besides new, also particular used items in good condition still have value for critical situations, for example no availabilty in the market, or for cost savings purposes. These items are also checked item by item and labeled. Afterwards we use several sales channels to find the best opportunity and fit to sell these items for a fair price to a happy customer. 

This way everybody is satisfied and are we together able to reduce waste and make the world a bit more sustainable.


We give industrial products and in particular spare parts a 2nd life. Many items were only stocked with or without boxes waiting to be used at a certain point in time. The items we offer are brand new or may have some cosmetic wear or in some occasions may be even used. During our thorough inspections we make detailed reports and we photograph every item. This way you know if it is a factory brand new item or why it is labeled a 2nd choice. Either way, you know what you buy and what to receive. No surprises, not for you, not for us! In case the item does not meet your expectations, no worries, we are here to solve it.

Besides the factory new items we have in stock or the 2nd chance items, both new and used, it may be the case you are looking for items we currently do not have in stock. We know it is all about the right time and right place. At that point we do have the opportunity to source for you within our extensive network for both factory new items and 2nd chance.


International fast delivery

We deliver fast from stock. We work with premium forwarders only and have the possibility to offer economy, standard, express options worldwide or even next day delivery before 12.00hrs or 09.00hrs within Europe. Contact us for your required option and best price.

Return within 14 days

No hassle return. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can return the item to us. In such situation, contact us and we will start the process.


All items come with 3 months standard warranty. Check our warranty for all details.


Although governments are busy working on enforcing sustainability by law, etc we see in the meantime that more and more resources are drying up. We want to participate and contribute to a sustainable environment. 

It is therefore we want to give you a choice for new and 2nd choice. And whether it is environmental drive, cost driven, policy driven, we want to supply you both new and 2nd choice and let you have your own part in sustainability. This way we have less waste of products, less waste of resources and a positive impact on the circular economy. Good for you, the wallet and environment.


We offer and sell our new and 2nd chance products via multiple sales channels. We recently started to promote the items also via our own online stores of 2Day-Group. Furthermore, we use international online sales platforms like eBay. Moreover, we promote also via local sales platforms like for example Marktplaats in The Netherlands. And we are expanding. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the contact form on the side and we will get back to you or call to speak with us directly.