PLC2Day is a young and dynamic company with a clear focus. Turn the world of industrial obsolete products upside down! We believe we can do it better, more transparant and more sustainable. Together with our sister company TBWB B.V. we already have over 40 years of experience in industrial automation and completed many projects succesfully at OEM's, Wholesalers and Distribution Centers (DC's). As such we helped many companies in reducing their OPEX and CAPEX. In addition, with PLC2Day, we focus on reducing waste and giving the obsoletes a second chance. 

The people working at PLC2Day are full of enthusiasm and are highly driven to do things better every single day. Working at PLC2Day means working in an informal, open and challenging environment where you have room to develop yourself. Last but not least make a lasting contribution to the success of PLC2Day.

At PLC2Day we promote availability, flexibility, cost efficiency and sustainability. If you want to learn more about our services and solutions we provide, please check the following pages 

We offer our partners:

Whether your company wants to secure the operation of existing installations, focus on savings or get stock and obsolete parts and processes durable. PLC2DAY is your Global Partner!



We have an open, direct and informal culture, in which learning and keeping each other razor sharp are priorities. We are self-critical and focus on developing and improving ourselves.


We want to develop, to change and to experiment. We want to grow and learn. We go for first time right. We analyse, plan, organise and evaluate. Every day is a new opportunity to do things better.


We feel inspired and are devoted to the projects. We connect with partners and colleagues. With full commitment we make things happen. 


We believe that work can be fun. Together, we can contribute to that goal every day.


At PLC2Day we not only saw a gap in the market for return products. We also saw the gap in the ozone layer and are determined to make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable society. Why should you immediately buy a new product if there’s an equally good alternative? By giving return products a second chance instead of immediately rejecting them, we’re putting much less pressure on the environment. Indeed, we’re preventing the unnecessary waste of good products and as a result we’re contributing to a more circular economy. And as a result we can hand over a planet in good shape to the coming generations.


At PLC2Day we want to solve the industrial obsolete products problem and not defer it. Because it can be done. We work with many partners from manufacturers, to OEM's to wholesalers and Distribution Centers, to engineering companies to diverse sales platforms to achieve this goal.

In doing so, we have one goal: get obsolete items to new owners so they can benefit as much as possible from these products. We run a dynamic and flexible company, with lean principles and smart processes. Whether it is about business processes, our projects, or our automated sales channels: it is for you to find out and join our mutual goal.


We are a young dynamic and highly motivated team that makes a success of PLC2Day. Thats is what we have in common at PLC2Day. With more than 20 people spread across our headquarters in Dorst and our Warehouse, we focus on solving the obsolete problem each and every day. We have the drive, skills and passion to do it.