Sell Your Surplus – New & Used

Surplus / Obsolete Stock Recovery – You Care, We Care!

Every company has obsolete items due to change of production lines, cancelled projects or orders, end of life, etc. These items were once bought expensive but over the years loose both value and quality and take warehouse space. In the end these items might be considered as useless and are being scrapped.

PLC2DAY promotes reselling, re-use and recycling and supports lifecycle asset management and supports recovery of costs. This means we hope to find a new purpose for each and every item whether it is as the item was supposed to be used or as parts or recycleble scrap.

We have many years of experience and know our ways into the market and are able to buy used and new obsolete/ surplus items. Re-usable items will find a new owner in Europe and/or outside so items can have a 2nd life. You Care, We Care!

If you have to offer new or used items, please inform us the the following details:

  • Brands
  • Type
  • Quantity
  • Condition 1 (new / used)
  • Condition 2 (working / defect)

Please send these details in an excel list preferably followed by some pictures. This way PLC2DAY is able to analyze the list and offer a purchase value shortly. If the offer is accepted, transport will be arranged by PLC2DAY and items will be received and verified at PLC2DAY. Accordingly payment is sent.

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