Consignment – We Sell For You

If costs are high on your stocks and it is not possible to sell it off for just any price and you have time, PLC2DAY can help to get the best possible price. Besides the fact that PLC2DAY can buy your obsolete materials, we can also sell it on your behalf through one of our sales channels. We can take over the stock and relocate to our facilities in consignment so you have space available immediately. We will review your material and make it ready for sales. PLC2DAY will handle inventory, advertising, handling of picking, packing, shipment and invoicing. Furthermore, we are able to generate reports that give you full insight about the status of your stocks. All according to the agreed terms. We are flexible and efficient and due to our expertise we are able to create value for you.

Please contact us or leave us a message to get more details and discuss possibilities.